Dr Martin Preene has published an interesting practical guide about Dewatering entitled «Groundwater Lowering in Construction«. The book is aimed at construction technicians, engineers, geologists, architects, technical offices and construction companies, and has a training purpose from a practical point of view.

FERRER® has collaborated in the work of the prestigious consultant and advisor by providing photographs of different works and methods related to dewatering in construction, including the image on the cover. The manual, written in collaboration with the late Pat Cashman, is edited by CRC Press and includes 200 new illustrations.

Preene uses its extensive engineering experience to provide practical guidance on planning, design and implementation of groundwater control systems in real-life situations. The book presents numerous case studies and covers topics such as the history of Dewatering, groundwater control for tunnels, working in contaminated sites and investigation techniques, soil and rock permeability, optimization of groundwater control schemes and dismantling of Dewatering systems.

Martin Preene is a groundwater consultant, based in the UK. He has more than 30 years’ experience working on dewatering and groundwater control projects worldwide.